Traxxas Nitro Slash

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When something completely new comes along like the Nitro Slash, the anticipation nearly kills me during engine break-in. The Traxxas break-in method is detailed very precisely in the manual, as proper break-in is essential to the TRX 3.3’s performance and life (that goes for any nitro engine, actually). It takes a bit of time to get through the five tankfuls of fuel The minute the Nitro Slash’s engine was ready to go, I topped it off with Traxxas Top Fuel Power Plus 33% fuel and grabbed the throttle full lock. The first thing you’ll notice about the Nitro Slash is that the TRX3.3’s power is immense; when paired up with the smaller contact patch of short course tires, launching hard and keeping the truck in a straight line can be a challenge, just like dumping the clutch in a Dodge Viper. Traxxas includes its soft S1 compound rear tires to help put the power down but having monster truck horsepower on tap, the tires stand little chance. While the Slash can be a handful with that much power, when it comes to bashing there’s nothing better than having way more power than you need. It becomes a game of cat and mouse, how hard can you push before you cross the threshold and the engine overpowers you. If you can manage to control your throttle finger (and mind) long enough to cut a few turns, the truck is a champ. Handling corners with ease and jumping very level flight after flight make the Nitro Slash a lot of fun to drive when you remember to finesse the throttle. Traxxas’ tires are designed for running on a variety of surfaces and longer wear than racing tires, so I wanted to see how much a set of race tires would help the Slash on the groomed track. Swapping out for a set of Pro-Line Blockades, the Nitro Slash track handling was immediately transformed and was off like a shot. Putting down power is much easier with a set of proper race tires, but the beast of a mill still has enough power on hand to make light work of even the softest tires.

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