TrakPower MS Series Brushless Power Systems

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TrakPower officially announces their new exciting MS Series brushless product line. The MS-1 Brushless ESC comes equipped with an all-aluminum case, gold-plated solder posts, and is compatible with 540 motors down to 2.5T. The MS Series sensored brushless motors feature a ribbed CNC aluminum case and vent holes for additional cooling, sintered rotors, and adjustable mechanical timing. Check out the official press release below for more info:

Drivers who race electric vehicles demand top-notch components that are engineered to win — and TrakPower MS Series brushless power systems deliver! These are elite, competition-level items that are perfect for almost all 1/10 scale racing platforms including 2WD and 4WD buggy, 2WD stadium truck and 2WD short course.

Rebuildable TrakPower MS Series sensored motors are tough enough to take the heat, with mechanical timing that lets you fine-tune RPM and torque. Motors are available to cover every racing class, including stock, super-stock and modified. The fully programmable TrakPower MS-1 brushless electronic speed control is one of the few ESCs with an all-aluminum case – and it meets ROAR specs for stock class racing.

All motors and the MS-1 ESC are available separately and in perfectly matched brushless systems.

MS Series Sensored Brushless Motors

  • Ribbed CNC aluminum case provides more surface area for heat dissipation
  • Rotors are sintered to handle higher temperatures
  • Adjustable mechanical timing
  • Heavy-duty solder tabs
  • Vent holes increase air flow

MS-1 Brushless ESC

  • “Blinky mode” meets ROAR guidelines for Stock Class Racing
  • All-aluminum case is extremely durable and doubles as a heat sink
  • Compatible with motors down to 2.5T (540 size)
  • Gold-plated solder posts
  • Compact design for easy installation

MS-1 Brushless ESC Specifications:

Motor Types: Sensored
Motor Limit: 2.5T (on 2S)
Input Voltage: 2-3S LiPo
Direction: Forward, Brake, Reverse
BEC: 6.0V/3A
Protection: low voltage, thermal
Rated Current: 100A Continuous
Battery Connections: Gold-plated solder posts
Motor Connections: Gold-plated solder posts
Dimensions: 24 x 33 x 36mm
Weight: 55g

All brushless electric components will be available mid-December.

TKPC5015 MS Series Sensored Brushless Motor 6.5T $89.99
TKPC5025 MS Series Sensored Brushless Motor 8.5T $89.99
TKPC5035 MS Series Sensored Brushless Motor 10.5T $89.99
TKPC5040 MS Series Sensored Brushless Motor 13.5T $89.99
TKPC5045 MS Series Sensored Brushless Motor 17.5T $89.99
TKPC5050 MS Series Sensored Brushless Motor 21.5T $89.99
TKPC6015 MS Series Brushless System 6.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC $259.99
TKPC6025 MS Series Brushless System 8.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC $259.99
TKPC6035 MS Series Brushless System 10.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC $259.99
TKPC6040 MS Series Brushless System 13.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC $259.99
TKPC6045 MS Series Brushless System 17.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC $259.99
TKPC6050 MS Series Brushless System 21.5T Motor/MS-1 ESC $259.99
TKPM0010 MS-1 Sensored Brushless ESC $179.99

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