Schumacher Cougar SVR [Test Drive - Sneak Peek]

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Schumacher has been around since the beginning of off-road racing, and yet it is a brand you seldom see on the track here in the U.S.  The company’s history is deep; it has been credited with scouting the winningest driver in RC history, Masami Hirosaka, and inventing the ball differential, as well as other unique designs that are now mainstream.  When the Cougar SV platform was launched in 2002, it was a much-needed updated to a car drastically different.  Two years later, the SV would be revised to the SV2, where it received optional gear sets to vary the transmission ratio, a new and longer alloy chassis optimized for running LiPo packs, and other innovative updates.  Behold the Schumacher Cougar SVR – not a replacement of the SV2, but a separate model developed for low-traction conditions.  The SVR has a relocated motor in the rear, a revised suspension with large-bore shocks, and includes a few other new updates that set the car apart from its blue-groove cousin.  So, do these updates add up to a loose track killer? Read on and I’ll show you.


Price: $300

Wheelbase: 10.91 in. (277 mm)

Width: 9.45 in. (240 mm)

Weight as tested: 3.28 lb. (1490 g)

Best For: Intermediate Drivers


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