Pro-Line 2012 Highlight Video

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Our friends over at Pro-Line sent us a link to their new video showcasing their many highlights over the 2012 race season.  Check out the video and race accomplishments below:


Dirt Nitro ChallengePro BuggyTy Tessmann
Dirt Nitro ChallengePro TruggyTy Tessmann
JBRL Electric Rd. 1Mod BuggyChris Jarosz
Australian NationalsPro BuggyKyle McBride
Psycho Nitro BlastPro BuggyBilly Easton
Psycho Nitro BlastPro TruggyAdam Drake
Psycho Nitro BlastElectric BuggyAdam Drake
JBRL Nitro Rd. 1Pro BuggyAdam Drake
JBRL Nitro Rd. 1Pro TruggyAdam Drake
JBRL Nitro Rd. 1Electric BuggyAdam Drake
JBRL Electric Rd. 2Pro-2 SCCody Turner
JBRL Electric Rd. 2Electric BuggyMatt Schreffler
Silver StatePro BuggyRyan Cavalieri
Silver StateElectric BuggyAdam Drake
Pro-Line GRRSElectric BuggyCody King
Pro-Line GRRSPro BuggyAdam Drake
Pro-Line GRRSPro TruggyAdam Drake
JBRL Nitro Rd. 3Pro BuggyAdam Drake
JBRL Nitro Rd. 3Pro TruggyAdam Drake
JBRL Nitro Rd. 3Electric BuggyAdam Drake
French 1:8 ChampsPro BuggyRobert Raphael
Belgian 1:8 ChampsElectric BuggyRobert Raphael
Belgian 1:10 ChampsPro-4 SCRobert Raphael
7 ROAR National Titles
ROAR Nitro NatsPro BuggyTy Tessmann
ROAR Nitro NatsPro TruggyTy Tessmann
ROAR Electric NatsMod BuggyRyan Cavalieri
ROAR Electric Nats4WD BuggyRyan Cavalieri
ROAR Electric NatsMod TruckRyan Cavalieri
ROAR Electric NatsPro-2 SCRyan Cavalieri
ROAR Electric NatsElectric BuggyTy Tessmann
FEMCA ChampsPro BuggyKyle McBride
Reedy Truck RaceMod TruckDrew Moller
JBRL Nitro Rd. 6Pro BuggyRyan Cavalieri
Austrian ChampionshipPro BuggyDominic Bauer
Austrian NationalMod BuggyHupo Hönigl
Austrian National4WD BuggyHupo Hönigl
Swiss NationalsMod BuggyPatrick Hofer
Swiss Nationals4WD BuggyPatrick Hofer
SidewinderPro BuggyRyan Cavalieri
SidewinderPro TruggyAdam Drake
SidewinderElectric BuggyAdam Drake
TA Gas ChampsPro BuggyTy Tessmann
TA Gas ChampsPro TruggyTy Tessmann
JBRL Nitro Rd. 7Pro BuggyCody King
JBRL Nitro ChampionPro BuggyAdam Drake
JBRL Nitro ChampionPro TruggyAdam Drake
JBRL Nitro ChampionElectric BuggyAdam Drake
JBRL Electric ChampionPro-2 SCCody Turner
JBRL Electric ChampionMod BuggyCody Turner

+ many, many more!  Congratulations to all for your hard work and dedication. Awesome year Team Pro-Line!

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