Futaba To Announce The Signing Of Another Top RC Driver

Oct 03, 2012 8 Comments by

Back in June we told you the news of Ryan Maifield leaving Airtronics to sign with Futaba.  Today our friends over at Futaba sent us this teaser picture of their new 4PK Super R Channel 2.4GHz FASST radio next to a short course truck belonging to their newest team member.  We aren’t allowed to tell you who this big name driver is at this time, but if you study the picture and closely follow the pro drivers you should be able to figure this out.

Know who it is?  Post your answer below, and keep checking back here for the latest on this developing story.

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8 Responses to “Futaba To Announce The Signing Of Another Top RC Driver”

  1. greg arnone says:

    ryan lutz?

  2. Sean G says:

    Team Durango, AKA stickers…blue and pink paint scheme, it’s a no brainer. Might as well have taken a pic with the Ryan Lutz sticker on the window lol.

  3. Ron - Cat Daddy - Inman,. says:

    A friend let me Run his Truggy the other day, He Has a Futaba Controler, ,I want one now, But $$$ is holding me Back, Heck, I wouldn’t mind having a good used one. I run 6 different classes , NEED A FUTABA,.. I run the other brand. I’m not a Pro, I just Have FUN The RC Way here in Mississippi. But Futaba should pick up Kevin McCoy, Mark Beck, or Greg Gatewood, from Mississippi. They won’t go wrong with these 3.

  4. James says:

    WOW, that’s very intresting,

    Good for Ryan. He’s one cool cat for sure.

    Although, given that Hobbieco pretty much owns the Durango brand and they are very deep in bed with Futaba, maybe I shouldn’t be as suprised with the move. Either way, I’m happy for Ryan.

  5. Fishhook says:


  6. Trevor "Chilly" Duncan says:

    Once again, nothing gets past our race savvy readers! :)

  7. Jason says:

    yea, obviously it is lutz

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