Tekin Redline Gen2 Sensored Brushless Motors

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Tekin’s second generation motors carry forward engineering principles and performance benchmarks set by the Tekin Redline name. The Gen2 Redline Sensored Motor incorporates the latest technology advancements in brushless motor design and manufacturing, giving you the torque and RPMs you want when you need it. On Road or Off, Tekin’s Gen2 Sensored motors handle your demands and deliver smooth power across all RPMs.

With the Gen2 advancement comes the Redline Gen2 RPM series motors. Available in 13.5, 17.5 and 21.5 turns, the RPM motors have been tweaked to provide that extra edge needed in stock racing competition. Not only do the RPM versions offer a higher overall RPM output, they are also lighter than their Gen2 counterparts. Specifically designed for 1/12, 1S LiPo and stock racing, the Gen2 RPM motors give you the edge over the competition.

The Gen2 modified group of motors also carry significant changes and are tuned specifically for modified racing. The 10.5 through 6.5 turn motors all come standard with a 13mm rotor and the 5.5 through 2.5 turn are equipped with a 13mm High Torque rotor, providing the horsepower needed in modified racing.


  • CNC Machined T 6061 Billet Aluminum Heatsink Can
  • Neodymium Sintered Magnet
  • Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion
  • High Purity Copper Windings Maximize Conductivity
  • Low Resistance, High Power Solder Tabs
  • Dual-Plug Sensor Wire Harness for all Sensored and Sensorless systems
  • Anodized Endbell plates maximize corrosion and wear resistance
  • High RPM precision bearings
  • Rebuildable Design
  • Adjustable Timing

Weight: 6.3oz (180g) / RPM version: 6.2oz (177g)
Shaft Dimensions: 5 x 15.3mm
Motor Diameter: 35.85mm / 1.40″
Motor Length: 51.8mm / 2.03″
Bearing Dimensions: front: 4x13x5mm rear: 1/8×3/8×5/32″


Gen2 Sensored 2.5 TT2419 2.5 11950 13mm HT
Gen2 Sensored 3.5 TT2417 3.5 10850 13mm HT
Gen2 Sensored 4 TT2416 4 10050 13mm HT
Gen2 Sensored 4.5 TT2415 4.5 9350 13mm HT
Gen2 Sensored 5 TT2414 5 8550 13mm HT
Gen2 Sensored 5.5 TT2413 5.5 7750 13mm HT
Gen2 Sensored 6.5 TT2412 6.5 6750 13mm
Gen2 Sensored 7.5 TT2411 7.5 6150 13mm
Gen2 Sensored 8.5 TT2410 8.5 5350 13mm
Gen2 Sensored 9.5 TT2409 9.5 4950 13mm
Gen2 Sensored 10.5 TT2408 10.5 4550 13mm
Gen2 Sensored 13.5 TT2407 13.5 3400 12.5mm
Gen2 Sensored 13.5 rpm TT2406 13.5 3600 12.3mm
Gen2 Sensored 17.5 TT2405 17.5 2400 12.5mm
Gen2 Sensored 17.5 rpm TT2404 17.5 2600 12.3mm
Gen2 Sensored 21.5 TT2403 21.5 2200 12.5mm
Gen2 Sensored 21.5 rpm TT2402 21.5 2350 12.3mm
Gen2 Sensored 25.5 rpm TT2400 25.5 12.3mm

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