2012 Vintage Off-road Nationals Preview

Sep 13, 2012 5 Comments by

This weekend kicks off the 5th annual Vintage Offroad Nationals brought to you by Tamiya. The “Vonats” is a vintage RC race for cars from 1994 and earlier and features seven classes to choose from. We’ll be there all weekend to show you all the RC10′s, JRX2, Hornets, Clod Busters, YZ10′s and more from the race and give you a glimpse into a race you may not have heard of but is one of the most unique events of the year. Stay tuned all weekend for updates, galleries and more from the race with no rules!

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Associate Editor I can say that I’ve never done ANYTHING as long as I’ve been into RC. I got my first car when I was 11 and never looked back. Since then I’ve owned hundreds of cars and trucks and raced everything from Off-Road to Boats but I’m an Oval racer at heart. Whether I’m down siding a jump or going fast and turning left, it’s all on and my foot is to the floor! I love seeing new people discover our hobby and helping anyone I can enjoy it more. When I’m not racing or writing, I like to restore vintage RC cars and organize the Vintage Offroad Nationals. I’m also a dad and enjoy teaching my son how to drive and watching him get into this hobby on his own.

5 Responses to “2012 Vintage Off-road Nationals Preview”

  1. Nigel says:

    just look at those classic cars – who needs cab forwars style bodies :o )

  2. Scott S says:

    This event is great, brings back good memories!
    Now if I could just find a place where I can get YZ-10 parts, then one more portion of my little corner of the world would be good!
    If I could then I may run mine once in a while along side my sons cars, as they have been begging me to for years lol
    But right now, although running, I can’t replace anything if it breaks, or simply wears out.

  3. Mike M. says:

    I used yo race the RC10 Gold pan. I wish I still had it. Gonna buy the new RC!) buggy and teach my daughter to race!

  4. Ari R. says:

    my friend came in third in his rc 10 gold pan chassis in the novice but it was cool.

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