A Main Hobbies And RB Products Partner In North America

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RB engines have long been a standard for performance and reliability and have proven for 20 years that they know what it takes to win. Introduced in 1992, RB Products has expanded from engines and tuned pipes to fuel, tires, batteries, cars and other accessories. The brand has enjoyed strong and consistent results including four World Championship titles, twenty-one European Championship titles and several National Championship titles in many countries.

RB Products’ Technical and sales manager, Eric Aita, said “A Main Hobbies is very well known in the racing market and they do a good job maintaining supply and providing support…RB needs this modern and dynamic company to re-introduce the brand in the United States.”

“We met with the team at RB during a recent trip and are happy to assist in bringing the brand back to prominence in the US” said Kendall Bennett, CEO of A Main Hobbies. “RB engines have always been a personal favorite of mine and I’m looking forward to running some of the newest BXR racing engines at our new facility.”

Look for the signature orange head and the rest of the products from RB at A Main Hobbies by clicking the link below:


For US retailers looking to carry the RB line of products, please visit us at www.swiftdistributing.com.

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