HoverBike Breakthrough?

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Anyone who has grown up in the “Star Wars” generation knows there are all sorts of great flying vehicles planed for our intergalactic future. But what about now? Well, we caught wind of a very ambitious project called the “HoverBike”. The brainchild of Chris Malloy, this could just be the answer to that old childhood promise we heard about one day having flying cars. Chris’ creation is more like a flying motorcycle hence its name!

Chris says: “I want these to outperform a typical quadcopter. The Hoverbike has the advantage of better efficiency and faster roll rate leading to better acrobatics. The trick is making the scale model as simple and cheap as a quadcopter. That’s easy on the full size bike but a challenge on a small model keeping the size, weight and cost down, when you don’t have a budget and ability to mass produce.”

Lots of experimentation has gone into his concept and according to his website, the next development should be an RC version for sale.

What do you think? Would you spend $40,000 for you very own full size HoverBike? “Use the FORCE Luke!”


Engine Type: Flat twin 4-stroke, one camshaft and 4-valves per cylinder, central balancer shaft

Engine Disp.: 1170cc

Bore & Stroke: 101mm x 73mm

Nominal Output: 80KW @7500rpm

Fuel System: Electronic intake pipe injection

Fuel capacity: 60L (with secondary tanks)

Drive-shafts: Carbon fiber

Gearbox: 1.5:1 reduction

Propellers: 2 x Tasmanian Oak with carbon fiber leading edge (made by Michael Ellinas from Heliptera)

Airframe Carbon fiber with Kevlar reinforcement and foam core

Width: 1.3m

Length: 3m

Height: 0.55m

Dry Weight: 105kg

Max weight: 270kg

Total Thrust: 295kg

Range: 148km on primary tank @ 80knts cruise (290km with secondary tanks installed)

Airspeed: Vne 150 KIAS (untested)

Hover: More than 10,000ft (estimated)



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