A Main Hobbies Now Carries Revolution Design Racing Products in North America

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This exciting new brand from Sven Rudig and Michael Vollmer can now be purchased at A Main Hobbies.  The German designed tools and accessories are engineered to ensure precision and function.  Revolution Design Racing Products (RDRP) look fairly simple, yet are anything but ordinary.  “You will find attention on every detail of all products. You will feel the quality and you will love the innovative design – Revolution Design!“ said the company’s designer, Michael Vollmer.

“The products from Sven and Michael are not your run of the mill tools, they are very stylish and carefully designed” said Kendall Bennett, CEO of A Main Hobbies. “Engineering like this drives the industry forward.”

Look for the current offering, and check back often for more from Revolution Design Racing Products available at A Main Hobbies by clicking the link below:


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