Rocket-firing helicopter

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This is interesting. A reader from Brazil sent us this video of a Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 that he and his father equipped with a rocket launch. Should there be a law against this, or not? The live action starts about 1:24 into the video.

[A note from our team at Model Airplane News: this would not be allowed at any AMA sanctioned club field, and it would also violate the NFPA fire saftey code that is adopted by most U.S. fire departments. We re-posted this YouTube video to encourage public discussion, and we strongly discourage anyone from attempting this type of RC stunt.]


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3 Responses to “Rocket-firing helicopter”

  1. Fred says:

    Super Crazy Awesome…you guys rock! If everyone took up a hobby there’d be less violence on this planet!….Peace.

  2. Rick says:

    They should have made it look like a Hind gunship.

  3. FHH says:

    In the US:
    AMA rules don’t allow this because (many years ago) someone launched a model rocket into dry brush and started a forest fire.
    The insurance underwriter said they won’t cover any air-dropped or air-launched unguided pyrotechnic devices.
    (we can launch an RC guided rocket-plane such as an X-15)

    Not against US laws… just not covered by AMA insurance.

    Most of the AMA rules that are not obviously good ideas came about due to someone not paying attention to where or how they tried something and the insurance carrier deciding not to cover it again after a big claim.

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