Novak Activ8/Ballistic 8 Brushless Systems

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Novak is pleased to announce the most powerful, reliable and well-rounded 1/8th scale brushless systems to date─ Activ8/Ballistic 8 Brushless Systems (#3181/1.5Y, #3182/2D).  Both systems were developed specifically for the high demands of 1/8th Electric Buggy racing classes and feature a pure sensor design.

Each cost-saving system contains the following ESC and Brushless Motor which are engineered, built and supported by Novak in Irvine, California:

  • ACTIV8 ESC: Heavy-duty, high-voltage ESC equipped with Novak’s X-Drive™ and Nova-Brakes™ for ultimate driving performance, on-board programming for complete customization, and a heavy-duty BEC to handle the demands of today’s servos. Cooling fan with fan guards included.
  • BALLISTIC 8: 1514-size, sensored motor engineered by Novak to withstand the rugged demands of 1/8th scale vehicles, amd features a 100% rebuildable design and adjustable mechanical timing.

Two Systems Available:

  • Activ8/Ballistic 8 1.5Y/1950 Kv (#3181): Recommended for smaller and medium-sized tracks
  • Activ8/Ballistic 8 2D/2650 Kv (#3182): Recommended for larger tracks


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