Where it all began

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People always ask me “how did you get started in RC” to which I answer quite simply “detention”. Flashback to the Fall of 1985, St. Margaret’s McTernan private school in Waterbury, CT. The scene is a cloudy, blustery October day and our young hero (me of course), sporting an Egon from Ghostbusters hairdo, huge copper tinted glasses and his best Bugle Boy pants, has once again not completed his homework and is forced to stay after school for detention. Detention let out at 4 but the late bus wouldn’t leave until 5. I spent many a day like this hanging out in the library looking at anything I could find to keep me occupied until it was time to go. But on this day, it happened. I walked to the library to kill time and found a magazine with a hobby shop ad in the back. On that very page were these little cars, some looked like dune buggies, others were monster trucks and some even looked like spaceships with wheels. I was immediately in love and proceeded to hound my parents for one.

The day FINALLY arrived that I was going to the hobby shop with my parents to buy what would be the most monumental birthday gift of my life, my beloved (and still have it) Tamiya Hornet. I’d promised my parents that this would be not only my birthday gift but also my Christmas gift (curse you December birthday! Curse you!) so while we were at the store buying the car, radio and everything else that I was going to need I saw a magazine all about RC Cars. I convinced my parents to throw that on the heep; I believe I incorporated the “PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!” technique but before I knew it I had that magazine to boot, Radio Control Car Action- Issue 1- The Premier Issue. Little did my father know that this $150 birthday present would guide me through the rest of my life as a hobby and keep me out of trouble, but that little extra magazine would inspire me and lead me on a career path that would take 26 years to unfold before me. Since that very issue, I’ve dreamt of working for Car Action and while life took me down many detours, the road eventually led me to where I am today; at my very own desk of my childhood dream. It’s only poetic that I started here the day after Fathers Day, thanks Dad. I look forward to writing for you all each month and welcome you to your part of my crazy journey down life’s road. Glad to have you along for the ride!

Erich Reichert, Hobby People

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Associate Editor I can say that I’ve never done ANYTHING as long as I’ve been into RC. I got my first car when I was 11 and never looked back. Since then I’ve owned hundreds of cars and trucks and raced everything from Off-Road to Boats but I’m an Oval racer at heart. Whether I’m down siding a jump or going fast and turning left, it’s all on and my foot is to the floor! I love seeing new people discover our hobby and helping anyone I can enjoy it more. When I’m not racing or writing, I like to restore vintage RC cars and organize the Vintage Offroad Nationals. I’m also a dad and enjoy teaching my son how to drive and watching him get into this hobby on his own.
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