RC Car Action World Exclusive: First Look At JConcepts’ New 3Ds SC Tire

Jul 06, 2012 6 Comments by

JConcepts first debuted this unique tread pattern at the IFMAR World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand for the 1/8th buggy class. Since then they have added this tire to their 1/10 buggy product line and now they offer it for short course trucks.

3Ds feature a compact tire body, high stability, individually flexible lugs, and they excel on indoor and outdoor hard packed surfaces with either dry or wet conditions. Also included are closed cell “Profiled” inserts that will provide more support and reliability than traditional tire foam. The 3DS for short course trucks will be offered in JConcepts’ popular Green and Blue compounds.


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6 Responses to “RC Car Action World Exclusive: First Look At JConcepts’ New 3Ds SC Tire”

  1. FastWayne says:

    the 3Ds look like they should work, I sure hate to shell out the cash for a full set to discover they don’t work at my local track.
    Unfortunately I did this once already with the Pro Line Suburbs.
    I’ll wait and watch.

  2. Mike Beaver says:

    The SC 3ds are awesome when the track has a good amount of water in it. The more dry the track is, the slicker they seemed to get.(at least for me). They worked best for me after we had some rain before the races. MB

  3. Bob T says:

    I would only invest in a new tire like this if it were ment for the type of track I was racing at and was simular to other tires that work. That and using what the fast guys are using is really your best guide.

  4. Trevor "Chilly" Duncan says:

    @ FastWayne What type of track surface do u normally race on?

  5. Trevor "Chilly" Duncan says:

    @ Bob T Same question for you? Also might have to wait to see if the fast guys are fast with them. Going to be 2-3 weeks before you can pick them up.

  6. dusty rusty says:

    amazing on grovved tracks when its hot an the heat dries an its blown off definatley getting a couple sets

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