TLR GEN III Radio Tray with Adam Drake [Step 2]

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TLR’s Gen III radio tray (part #4401) elevates the high performance 8IGHT 2.0 buggy and 2.0T truggy vehicles to new levels.  Designed to move weight forward on the chassis and increase throttle servo life and durability, the Gen III tray is a simple, low-cost performance upgrade.  I spent an afternoon with TRL’s Adam Drake assembling one of the new trays, and here are Adam’s assembly pro tips.  For even more information, drop by for tons of video with Adam discussing the Gen III tray and the tips described here.


Follow These Step-By-Step Instructions

STEP 2 – Use Thread-Lock

If you’re a nitro guy, you should know that thread-lock is the only thing preventing your buggy from vibrating itself into a million pieces… and still, some people don’t use it.  TLR removes all excuses by including a small tube of red thread-lock liquid, Drake likes to use a small dab on the throttle linkage screw (top and bottom) and on the metal J-nut screw.

Step 3 – Click HERE



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