2012 Silver State Day One

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Every year drivers from all points of the USA and Europe are attracted to the bright shiny lights of Las Vegas to attend the Silver State Nitro Challenge. You can’t blame them; Boulder City RC Raceway is a mere 30min away from the legendary Las Vegas. Racing during the day followed by gambling and partying in the evening. With this being the 15th running of the event, it’s obvious that something is working right.

Of the 280+ entries, there are five heats of Short Course truck (2wd&4wd) and three heats of 1/8 electric buggy. The great equalizer of this event, track conditions come main day. This track is notorious for blowing out and ultimately making it one of the most difficult events drivers face this year. On your typical blue groove hard packs track, driving like a robot hitting your exact lines every lap is simply not possible here at Silver State. Every lap is different, making it frustrating for drivers and exciting for spectators.

Kyosho’s Jared Tebo is keeping that momentum alive from his recent victory at NEO12 race into the 15th running of the Silver State Nitro Challenge with a 14/7.26.992. A full 2.4 secs ahead of Team Associated’s Ryan Maifield and HB Racings Ty Tessman.

The Track is starting to blow out but not nearly as back as years past. Expect this track to look like a full size desert course with random pot holes big enough to swallow a truggy and sending buggies on their lid with little to no notice.

The Jared Tebo haters have once again been silenced with yet another overall TQ for Kyosho’s top driver. It seems Jared’s motocross background is proving to be a tremendous benefit in understanding how to navigate an extreme rough off road track. When asked if he’ll run the third qualifier he answered with “I’m certainly going to drive in the 3rd round but I may use it to experiment with setup changes and compare the results”

Current Top 10
Expert 1-8 Nitro Buggy
1) Tebo, Jared (14/7:32.973 R2)
2) Lutz, Ryan (13/7:12.244 R2)
3) Rodriguez, Dylan (13/7:12.377 R2)
4) King, Cody (13/7:12.711 R2)
5) Drake, Adam (13/7:12.723 R2)
6) Cavalieri, Ryan (13/7:16.357 R2)
7) Castellano, Matt (13/7:16.970 R2)
8) Wernimont, Carson (13/7:17.278 R2)
9) Tessman, Ty (13/7:17.389 R2)
10) Pavidis, Mark (13/7:22.971 R2)

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