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Normally when you see race reports in the states you typically don’t see the finals on a Monday, well this is England and yesterday was eastern sunday. On to more important information. Today is the final day for NEO12 and in a few hours time, the final 45min race will begin. Even though drivers have gone through two days of qualifying, the highest they can qualify is into a Semi Finals (A&B), those races will then determine who makes it into the final event. Yet another twist has been added, pole postion will then be determined by each driver getting one warm up lap followed by one race lap, no more, fastest time gets the pole position. This is sure to mix things up a bit because it reward the lowest position driver while potentially hurting the fastest driver and vise versa. Word in the pits is, drivers are either upset because they feel that after all of this qualifying they still don’t have a guaranteed position in the main OR drivers feel that it helps to mixes things up and while still realizing that the fast guys are going to be fast.

More English (UK) to English (USA) Translations
Silver Paper = Aluminum Foil
Skip = Dumpster
Muppet = Dimwit
Power Point = Electrical Outlet
Rubber = Eraser
Dustcart = Garbage Truck
First Floor = Second Floor
Fish Slice = Spatula
Flyover = Overpass

It’s WET!
Today is another lovely day for the english country side, mid 40′s with a slight drizzle.

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Team Orion’s Adrien Bertin talks about Team Orion’s new 321 Turbo Port engine and Turbo Glow Plugs.
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321 CRF 3 Port Race Motor

Race 21 Semi Final Even Results
1 Jared Tebo 1 36 18:26.490 31.636 0
2 Elliott Boots 9 35 18:09.735 32.619 0
3 Ryan Lutz 5 35 18:11.668 33.239 1.933 0
4 Cody King 2 35 18:14.715 31.441 3.047 0
5 Neil Cragg 7 35 18:18.579 32.692 3.864 0
6 Jesse Robbers 4 35 18:27.000 31.105 8.421 0
7 Josh Wheeler 10 35 18:30.031 32.625 3.031 0

Race 22 Semi Final Odd Results
1 Ty Tessmann 1 35 20:00.159 33.201 0
2 Ryan Maifield 2 35 20:07.568 33.142 7.409 0
3 Reno Savoya 8 35 20:16.602 33.387 9.034 0
4 Ryan Cavalieri 3 35 20:20.247 32.825 3.645 0
5 Martin Bayer 9 35 20:26.644 33.578 6.397 0
6 David Ronnefalk 4 35 20:30.606 33.489 3.962 0
7 Darren Bloomfield7 35 20:35.035 33.778 4.429 0

The Final Race will be taking place in the next two hours.



Check back for more updates of NEO12 here at RC Car Action.

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