NEO 2012 Day One

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Day one of Neo12 is all about traction! Where can I get some and can I get any more? Drivers are dealing with a freshly built track and sub 50deg track temps. For many of the USA driver’s, chassis setups for cold indoor tracks are not something that they have to face all too often. The Euro’s on the other hand, indoor setups are common knowledge. The folks behind Neo12 know that European drivers and American drivers have two very different driving styles, simple because American style tracks feature high bite surfaces, large jumps, and slower speeds. While European style tracks tend to be flatter, traction can vary, and much high speeds. So what they’ve done is create a USA inspired track with European conditions thus making it a challenge for both parties. Today I had a chance to walk around the pits to get the drivers first impressions about the Neo12 track conditions.

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Jared Tebo Goes For Speed

The goal of today was getting accustomed to the track, figuring out setup, and braving the cold conditions. After three rounds of practice Kyosho’s Jared Tebo seemed to be on par with getting his MP9 buggy faster then other drivers by obtaining today’s fastest three consecutive laps with a 3/1’41.939. We caught up with Jared to find out his take on today’s success.
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Current Top 10 Drivers after fastest three consecutive laps
1 Jared Tebo 3/1’41.939
2 Jesse Robbers 3/1’42.117
3 Simon Willetts 3/1’42.613
4 Cody King 3/1’42.656
5 Ryan Maifield 3/1’42.752
6 Ty Tessmann 3/1’42.892
7 Robert Batlle 3/1’42.988
8 Neil Cragg 3/1’43.103
9 Reno Savoya 3/1’43.613
10 Adam Drake 3/1’43.691

A-Main Hobbies Kendall Bennet was on site working as a video hexapot-copter pilot for their video production of NEO12

New Products to look out for

New Pro-Line 1/8 Buggy Tire

Ryan Lutz's Signature Alpha Engine

Kyosho MP9 Radio Tray. TKI3?

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    Insider comments are good. Could you include pictures or video of the track though? The whole way through, I wanted to see what they were talking about.

    Thanks for the update.

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    Looks good!

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