The Dirt Nitro Challenge 2012 – PHOTOS – VIDEOS – COVERAGE

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Racing is very much a seasonal affair and during the winter months, and racers hang up their 1/8-scale nitro vehicles either to change the pace of their racing to meet the winter demands or simply take a break. As temperatures rise, cob webs are quickly dusted off vehicles, and credit cards begin their fitness routine of heavy lifting in preparation for the upcoming season.

For 13 years now, one racing event has in one form or another evolved into the 1/8 nitro season opener, otherwise known as The Nitro Challenge. The man behind this international affair/season opener is Joey Christensen. Though he is known for the event, he’s also known for his superior track building abilities with his trusty team, conveniently called “The Dirt Crew”. His ability to mold dirt into the ideal surface for 1/8 racing, creating a relaxed racing atmosphere with an underlying seriousness, and attracting drivers from not only the USA but internationally, is unparalleled with most of today’s race promotors. In other words, if you miss this event, you miss a lot.

Last year, Jared Tebo took home 1st in Buggy and Truggy. Will he repeat or simply fall by the way side giving up his title to either one of the hugely talented American drivers or one of the many International drivers in attendance? Also realize this, 2012 is a IFMAR 1/8-buggy Worlds year and drivers will be sizing each other up in preparation for Argentina. Who’s ready? Who’s got a lot of work ahead of them? Has the off season been kind to them? The questions go on and on.

Car Action will be on site from the Fear Farm in Arizona with daily race coverage, videos, photos, and what’s really going on. Be sure to check back for coverage throughout the week.
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2012 Nitro Challenge Layout

Day One: Practice

In true Nitro Challenge fashion, the track is simply incredible. From the wide-angle camera view, the track looks fairly flat; this however couldn’t be any further from the truth. For example, the step down on the far right side of the track is just over a 6’ drop! Going from corner to corner, the track has a smooth rhythmic feel that makes driving at high speeds feel almost acceptable. The back straight alone spans the entire width of the track and seems to veer drivers into the hay bails lined around the track. After spending a few laps on the track I can honestly say, it’s pure joy.

Today, racers a shacking down their rigs, working any little kinks out, and relearning how to drive on such a big track. More to come soon.


The sun is setting on the first day of Nitro Challenge here in Goodyear Arizona. Today was meant to be more of a shake down for chassis setups and learning the lines around this massive track, not qualifying or battling for position.  One of the unique traits about Nitro Challenge is that qualifying for Truggy and Buggy is done on separate days. So rather then having to focus on two cars in one day, you only have to deal with one. With that said, tomorrow will be the first day of qualifying starting with Truggy.


Event Schedule:

Wednesday February 22 -
Gates open at 7AM
Scheduled Practice 8AM-9PM
Two 7-minute Practice Rounds

Thursday February 23 -
Gates open at 6AM
Mandatory Drivers Meeting 7:30AM
Qualifying starts at 8AM
1:8 Truggy Qualifying
Three 7-minute Rounds with One Throw-out

Friday February 24 -
Gates open at 6AM
Mandatory Drivers Meeting 7:30AM
Qualifying starts at 8AM
1:8 Buggy Qualifying
Three 7-minute Rounds with One Throw-out

Saturday February 25 -
Gates open at 6AM
Practice 6:30AM – 7:30AM
Mains start at 8AM
1:8 Truggy Mains (1:8 A-Mains are 45 minutes)
Trophy presentation immediately following A-Main

Driver’s Social at 9PM – Link

Sunday February 26 -
Gates open at 6AM
Practice 6:30AM – 7:30AM
Mains start at 8AM
1:8 Buggy Mains (1:8 A-Mains are 45 minutes)
Trophy presentation immediately following A-Main



Gallery > 2012 Nitro Challenge Day One: Practice










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