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Traveling with all of your RC equipment is always tedious. Piling your car, radio, chargers, batteries, and parts into a bag is rarely a good idea. Keeping everything organized makes traveling much easier and safer.


I’ve always been amazed at how professional racers travel the world with so much equipment and do it efficiently. If you take a look at their storage vessels you will notice some trends:


Contico Storage Locker ($40-$50)

The most common box you see is a large black plastic trunk.  These are lightweight, very durable, have 2 wheels, built in handles and meet UPS, USPS, and airline regulations. These are my favorite as they are cheap (between $40-$50), fit in the trunk of most cars, and you never have to worry about shock oil, dirt or anything else spilling in the back of your car.


Akro-Mills Dual lid plastic storage box ($25-$40)

These are extremely popular to use as a toolbox. The bottom compartments are big enough for scissors, pliers, and other larger tools.  The top is great storage for misc. little parts. I use them for parts storage as well. You can usually fit a full car of spares in one of these (minus a chassis of course).


Small plastic parts boxes ($3+)

Im sure you already own a few of these. They are very cheap and can be found at almost any craft or hardware store. When storing extra screws and smaller parts, these are a must-have!

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