Pro-Line Short Course Open House

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This past weekend Pro-Line Racing opened its doors to the public for a Short Course Open House. The theme of the day wasn’t racing; it was more about kicking back and having a good time with your RC buddies. Many of the 120+ entries brought friends and family while Pro-Line brought out a few of their top pro drivers (Adam Drake, Ty Tessman, Cody King, Rhonda Drake, etc). Entrance to the event required $15 bucks out of your pocket but what you got in return was a far greater value because you received lunch, unlimited time on the renowned Pro-Line test track, a pair of SC tires, and an event T-Shirt. Not a bad way to spend your day and $15.


Track time was split up between 2wd and 4wd Short Course vehicles in seven-minute intervals. Plus, Pro-Line procured some turn-marshals so you could keep driving until your time was up. Several times throughout the day, drivers had the chance to share some laps with the Pro’s and see first hand just how fast they are. All and all, it was a fun-relaxing day without the pressures of racing keeping you down. Kudos to Pro-Line for putting on such a great event and giving back to their customers that help inspire them to developing more exciting products. If only more manufactures would do this….


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