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Updating speed control profiles has become all the rage t hese days allowing users to set their ESC’s to the same trims and setting the pros use in major races. LRP has released its USB Bridge which allows users to link
up their SXX and iX8 speed controls to their Mac or PC and install firm wareupdates which make changes to profiles and curves within your speed control to tailor it for Offroad, Onroad and condition specific uses. With my Mac version software installed I couldn’t wait to check out what LRP had hidden inside. Lets take a look!

Setting up the Bridge is as simple as downloading the software from LRP’s website and connecting the included USB cord to the computer and sensor wire to your speed control. With the USB Bridge hooked up to my SXX Stock Spec and laptop, I started up the LRP Update App and was met with a 3-step window. Step 1 shows you what version your speed control currently has while Step 2 lets you choose your new firmware to install. Finally Step 3 shows the progress of your installation as it progresses and then you’re done. My speed control had Firmware 4.3 installed so I went on LRP’s website and there it was, 4.4! Downloading the update and adding it to Step 2 in the software I clicked START. The progress bar at the bottom showed the install and when it was finished, a message popped up reminding me to reset the setting in my speed control. Just as simple as that. Keeping your speed control
up to date can be the difference between taking home the win and packing up early. The LRP USB Bridge is the perfect tool for keeping up to date and with both Mac and PC versions of the software, it’s never been easier.

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