Lets build the Durango DEX210 2wd electric buggy!

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I’m reviewing the new Durango DEX210 2wd 1/10th scale electric buggy and I received in the mail the other day. I thought I would take you with me step by step in assembling this rig. I went ahead and reviewed the kit manual and did a little research on the DEX210 on Durango’s website, which got me super pumped to build this car and get it on the track ASAP! There are so many features packed into this car, I didn’t think it was possible to do that! One of the big things that the DEX210 has that I don’t remember a 1/10th scale buggy having in recent history is droop screws! I know droop screws are nothing new, but it’s a nice addition to the arsenal of adjustments this buggy has. Lets get er’ done!

Overall, putting together the Durango DEX210 was a breeze. I usually prefer kits versus RTR’s. I like to know every piece that went into putting a car together, so on race days, I understand exactly what needs to be adjusted, and if something breaks (especially something internal), I know exactly what has broken, and in what sequence I need to take the car apart to get to that broken piece. For beginner builder, I think the instruction manual is very clearly laid out, and with the additional Durango web support pages, you can’t go wrong in the assembly process. All that’s left is to slap on some rubber (I’m going to test with AKA tires) and throw on the painted body when I receive it from CFX Paintworks (you too can also send your body to CFX to get painted) then pack it all up and head on down to SDRC Raceway! See you on the track! :)

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  1. Troy Maps says:

    What spur / pinion size are you running with the 7.5 turn motor?

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