Serpent 411 Limited Edition Kit

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Serpent announces that they will be producing 300 Limited Edition kits that are tricked out in dark orange aluminum upgrades along with a 8 piece set of orange anodized tools. Check out the press release below for more info:

Serpent is introducing this Limited Edition kit of the Serpent 411 to celebrate the big success of the Serpent 411 in general and the victory in the 2011 German Champs where Marc Fischer with his Serpent 411 won ahead of Volker and Rheinard, and to offer something exclusive for the Serpent fans. Only 300 Serpent 411-Limited Edition kits will be made.

The 411-LE includes the following extra features ( compared with regular 411 kit):

  • Carbon 2.25 chassis with car-number and logo engraved
  • Dark Serpent orange anodizing of all aluminum parts
  • Dark orange aluminum turnbuckles and track rods- carbon fiber battery holders
  • TiN coated pivot pins front and rear extra gear-differential
  • Orange anodized tool-set consist of 8 tools, also with Serpent logo and 411-LE car number engraved.

The dark orange and other special parts will also be available seperately as optional parts. The tools are NOT available seperately.

401471 Steering rack alu 1 LE
401472 Steering lever LE (2)
401473 Antirollbar mount alu LE
401474 Bracket middleshaft alu LE
401475 Bearing mount middleshaft alu LE
401476 Wheel hexagon 1mm offset LE (2)
401042 Bushing alu 3x5x1 LE (10)
401043 Bushing alu 3x5x2 LE (10)
401479 Bushing alu 3x5x4 LE (10)
401480 Shock tower mount alu L+R LE
401482 Suspension bracket alu 0 LE
401483 Suspension bracket alu 1 LE
401484 Suspension bracket alu 1.5 LE
401485 Suspension bracket alu 2 LE
401486 Suspension bracket alu 2.5 LE
401487 Suspension bracket alu 3 LE
401488 Suspension bracket alu 3.5 LE
401489 Servo mount L+R LE
401491 Motor mount bracket alu LE
401492 Motor mount alu LE
401493 Bearing block alu LE

Only 300 kits will be made, and Serpent 411 LE kit with top-exclusive number 001 will be auctioned on EBay, and the full amount will be paid to the good cause organization Right To Play . The auction starts today.

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  1. peter jarrett says:

    prices for 411LE, anodised orange parts.

  2. peter jarrett says:

    I have the 411 LE number 289, and require a price list of the orange anodised parts, which I undertand can be purchased separately, Thank you

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