Novak Havoc Pro SC ESC Updated With New X-Drive Technology

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Novak has updated their popular Havoc Pro SC ESC with their new X-Drive firmware that will provide lower ESC tempatures, a smoother feel, and make your car more driveable. Read about in the press release below:

Novak is excited to announce its newly-developed speed control technology- Novak X-Drive™. This ultra-efficient brushless motor firing technology has been added to all Novak Havoc Pro SC Brushless ESCs (#1745) as well as all Novak Havoc Pro SC / Ballistic 550 Brushless Systems (#3115 & #3116) and Havoc Pro SC / Ballistic 540 Brushless Systems (#3122-3124, 3125).

What is Novak’s X-Drive?

This new update significantly improves the throttle feel and response. It also reduces the ESC’s operating temperatures for more efficient operation. Team drivers, test drivers, and customers who have run the Havoc Pro SC with X-Drive in side-by-side comparisons to their original ESC have all noticed an incredibly smooth feel, improved driveability, lower temperatures, and overall higher performance resulting in faster lap times and longer run times.

How Does Novak’s X-Drive Work?

Simple. The switching speeds of the ESC’s transistors have been drastically increased. Speeds of this nature have not been considered until now. Novak engineers have developed this exclusive firmware and hardware update that permit the Havoc Pro SC to have the absolute best response times and switching speeds. For the highest performance ESC for your off-road, on-road, and short-course vehicle, the Novak Havoc Pro SC with X-Drive is the speed control you need!

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