Spy Shots! EXOTEK Aluminum LCG Chassis for the Associated SC10 4X4

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On my last outing at SDRC Raceway in San Diego, Ca (sdrcraceway.com/), I caught up with Exotek (www.exotekracing.com), which was testing their new LCG (low center of gravity) chassis for the Associated SC10 4×4. At 5 oz heavier than the stock chassis, it’s adding stability and traction to this SC that is sometimes considered “too lightweight”. Odd to hear in competitive RC racing where we strive to get our vehicles lightweight. In this instance though, heavier works. I had a chance to drive a stock SC10 4×4 versus one with the LCG chassis (w/identical suspension settings and tires) and there was a dramatic difference in handling. The weight of the new chassis aided the truck to generate traction in all sections of a turn (initial/mid/exit) and wasn’t so easily pushed around when it rubbed fenders with trucks heavier than it. When it came time to jumping with the LCG chassis, feel is improved and made take offs and landings a breeze.

The prototype chassis is shown. The production chassis will be 6061 machined aluminum and will have a gun metal finish. Exotek logos will be etched on the chassis for some added style. Both standard LiPo stick or saddle packs can be used via custom carbon fiber mounts. Release date will be around November 7th and estimated street price will be around $109.95.  -  Joel Navarro

For more info, check out www.exotekracing.com


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Joel Navarro fell in love with RC since the age of 11 with the Tamiya Grasshopper being his first RC car. Little did he know that the his favorite RC magazine back in 1987, RC Car Action, would be the magazine he works for now. Joel received his AA in photography and in addition to being a West Coast Editor for RC Car Action magazine, he is a professional wedding and portrait photographer in the Southern California and San Diego area. During the winter, Joel is also a snowboard instructor in Big Bear, Ca. Joel is active in the RC community and regularly races all over the SoCal area. His home tracks are SDRC Raceway, West Coast RC Raceway, OCRC Raceway, and parking lot racing in San Diego.

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  1. craig says:

    i was wondering do you make rc chassis aluminum for traxxas 4×4 stampede vxl electric and other parts

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