Dynamite RC Updates Fuze Sensored Brushless Motors And Now Offeres Sensorless Motors Too

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Dynamite RC updates their 1/10 brushless motor line with a new look and now offers sensored brushless motors. Previously their sensorless motors featured a blue can and black, red, and blue power wires but now they feature a red can and the industry standard blue, yellow, and orange power wires. The wires are pre soldered with gold bullet plugs to allow for quick plug n play action. Read the press release below for more:

Dynamite’s brushless systems cover most 1/10th scale sport users needs. With the 1/10th scale Sensorless systems, users now have the opportunity to maximize the performance of their vehicle without breaking the bank. The included ESC works with sensored/sensorless brushless motors as well as brushed motors. Each sensorless Fuze system includes the motor, ESC and programming card making it convenient and easy to upgrade to brushless power. Multiple Kv ratings are available to match the user’s performance needs and platform types.


  • Combo’s provide a complete system including motor, esc and programming card (all components also available separately)
  • Multiple Kv ratings are available including 3800, 4800, 5800 and 6800Kv
  • Motors are compatible with all major manufacturers sensorless esc’s
  • Motors come pre‐wired and anodized
  • 70A ESC is sensored, non‐sensored and brushed/brushless compatible
  • Compatible with 2S and 3S Li‐Po batteries
  • Perfect for most 1/10th scale vehicles including ECX RC, Traxxas, Tamiya, HPI and most other popular 1/10th scale platforms


FUZE1/10 Sensored 8.5T ESC/MotorCombo
DYN3783C $179.99

FUZE1/10th Sensored BL Motor 8.5
DYN3783 $79.99

FUZE1/10 Sensored 13.5T ESC/MotorCombo
DYN3782C $179.99

FUZE1/10th Sensored BL Motor 13.5
DYN3782 $79.99

FUZE1/10 Sensored 17.5T ESC/MotorCombo
DYN3781C $179.99

FUZE1/10th Sensored BL Motor 17.5
DYN3781 $79.99

FUZE 1/10 Sensored Brushless FWD/REV ESC
DYN3780 $94.99


Fuze1/10 6800Kv ESC/MotorCombo
DYN3757C $159.99

Fuze 1/10 Sensorless Brushless Motor 6800KV
DYN3757 $69.99

Fuze1/10 5800Kv ESC/MotorCombo
DYN3756C $159.99

Fuze 1/10 Sensorless Brushless Motor 5800KV
DYN3756 $69.99

Fuze1/10 4800Kv ESC/MotorCombo
DYN3755C $159.99

Fuze 1/10 Sensorless Brushless Motor 4800KV
DYN3755 $69.99

Fuze1/10 3800Kv ESC/MotorCombo
DYN3754C $159.99

Fuze 1/10 Sensorless Brushless Motor 3800KV
DYN3754 $69.99

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