Behind The Scenes w/A Big Truck

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Recently, I visited Milestone RC Raceway just outside of Ontario, California for an all-day photo shoot with RC’s “biggest” new release, the Losi 5ive-T.  Although we can’t release all of the coverage for this vehicle just yet, I wanted to show you a photo I took on my cell camera.  This is one of our contributors, Sean Earnest, taking pictures of three VERY large gas powered SC trucks.  We’ll have photos, video and interviews soon.  In the meantime, I can say that driving these beasts was pretty much the most fun I’ve had behind an RC controller in many years.  45+ minute run times and lots of traction places this truck at the top of my most wanted list.  Stay tuned!!


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Executive Editor I jumped into R/C back in 1987, when mechanical speed controllers and hard rubber tires were all the rage. Since then, I’ve experienced R/C in almost every state in the USA. I've built and raced every type of RC vehicle created, and traveled throughout the country (and world) to attend and cover more R/C events than I can remember. But what a fun ride it's been! I'm fortunate to live in Southern California, and I take advantage of my location by enjoying R/C outdoors year ‘round. Club racing is the future for R/C growth, and I’m always looking to bring new people into the hobby, whether it’s through backyard bashing or organized racing.

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  1. Andy Jacobson says:

    Hey Stephen,
    Andy’s RC is back in business and is designing and manufacturing some hot high quality Rc car bodies. The Warrior our premier SCT body won and TQ’ed the Sdrc Top Gun Shootout in pro 4wd . Team MIP’s Matt Olson Ran the Warrior saying the on track performance was unsurpassed. Team owner Eustace Moore ran the body and made the A-main and finished 8th. He liked the body so much they are going to recommend it in their new Pro4mance tuning packs. We also have new bodies for the Losi 8E and the Losi 22. We are growing and hope to soon have an advertising budget to work with your publication. Any exposure or help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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