Geek Gets Girl Part 2

Oct 06, 2011 5 Comments by

Sometimes being a total RC nerd can pay off. See how a geek picked up a smoking hot bikini babe off of the beach with his FPV truck. Thanks to 951rcguy on YouTube for the vid.

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5 Responses to “Geek Gets Girl Part 2”

  1. HotWheeler69 says:

    Did that Kid just say WTF come on Car Action. I love this video but its a fake. Look at his pool video about 2 months before this one.

    • Matthew Higgins says:

      It is fake. I think it’s meant to be funny and entertaining, but you’re not really supposed to think it’s real anymore than you’re supposed to think a move like Transformers is real when you watch it.

  2. steve deli says:

    omg that is awsome!!!! i always wanted to build a rig like that myself to do that same exact thing but i didnt have the technology or the budget to do so…lol but i am truly glad to somebody actually did it and got the hook up!!!!!! it works, it works, it really really worked!!! wow, congrats i bow to you !!!!! all i had was a emaxx a motorola hand held walkie talkie and a 99.99 onboard wide angle lens camera it had color and sound but could only transmit a signal good for 200ft maximum distance. so it wasnt goin to cut it. nice job!!!!

  3. steve deli says:

    dont get me wrong it did seem like it was set up? but either way if you got game and a fpv talking rc truck you can make it happen?!

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