JConcepts Hybrids 1/8-scale Truggy Tires

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JConcepts has officially released their new truggy tires that Ryan Maifield used to dominate the 2011 Alabama Manufacturers Shootout. Check out the press release below:

A combination of years of development with JConcepts drivers; the Hybrids are all the rage and the combination of the most popular JConcepts tires available. A mid-lug design with unique inner Crowbar center lug DNA, the Hybrid is built for speed and ultimate high-speed control and handling. Supported lug control and X-braced sidewall lug detail is designed to go the distance in long qualifiers, final main events and beyond.

Adapted for the 1/8th truck class featuring the Elevated Bead design. Light-weight continuous tire body design minimizes rotating mass which makes the 1/8th truck Hybrid a dynamite performer straight out of the package. Extensive testing showed a smaller pin height advantageous in many conditions and particularly when sharp angles and edges arise in the track surface. At the base of the design, the new mid-height lugs present the compound to the racing surface while the center lug DNA picks up the heavy lifting for forward-bite.

An immediate winner, the Hybrids in the hands of Ryan Maifield TQ’ed and won the 2011 Alabama Manufacturers Shootout. With 460 strong entries on-hand a 45 minute main event was no issue for the Hybrids, going the distance and then some. Impressive durability, great traction and winning results in a debut performance. Look out for the Hybrids, a contender straight out of the package, an all-out design for racing, pure JConcepts.

2011 AMS Event video highlights



  • Available in Soft (Blue) and Super Soft (Green) compounds
  • Compact, continuous tire body, Elevated bead technology with crisp tread and separation
  • Aggressive, supported lug control with X-braced sidewalls
  • Includes light-weight Force-1 inserts

Hybrids – (soft) blue compound
Elevated bead 1/8th Truck tire
Part # – 3045-01
Retail price – $34.00
(fits only – JConcepts Elevated wheel (3334)

Hybrids – (super soft) green compound
Elevated bead 1/8th Truck tire
Part # – 3045-02
Retail price – $35.00
(fits only – JConcepts Elevated wheel (3334)

Hybrids – green compound – Elevated, white wheel, 1/8th truck tire – (pre-mounted)
Part # – 3045-12
Retail price – $50.00
(fits standard offset 1/8th trucks)

Hybrids – green compound – Elevated, yellow wheel, 1/8th truck tire – (pre-mounted)
Part # – 3045-22
Retail price – $50.00
(fits standard offset 1/8th trucks)

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