ECX Torment Short Course Truck

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Wait! Who’s ECX? ECX is the reinvented Electrix RC brand offered by Horizon Hobby. For its first release, ECX has unveiled a new 1/10-scale RTR short course truck. This truck features a Dynamite motor, electronic speed control, tires and wheels, Spektrum 2.4GHz radio system, and is competitively priced at $160.  Check out the details below:

The ECX Torment SCT combines scale looks with features typically found in higher priced vehicles. The Torment takes the ECX vehicle lineup to the next level and includes a Spektrum DX2E radio system with SR200 receiver, providing users with extended range and interference free operation. It also comes standard with ball bearings, oil filled shocks, custom battery strap, battery and charger, providing users with yet another complete RTR package right out of the box.

Vehicle is fully ready to run, complete with all batteries needed, including the AA’s. All that needs to be done is charge the battery with the included charger.

The ECX RC Torment may be affordable, and it may be awesome looking, but it’s also super strong with a nylon composite material used throughout the chassis construction. This gives it a high strength, high durability as well as being flexible enough to withstand the punishment it was designed for.


  • Spektrum 2.4GHz radio system including the DX2E transmitter and SR200 receiver
  • Dynamite 20T motor and 12T ESC
  • Dynamite Speedtreads™ Shootout™ tires and wheels
  • 2WD transmission with slipper clutch
  • All chassis parts made of a durable nylon composite
  • Full ball bearing equipped
  • Adjustable oil filled shocks
  • EZ battery retaining system
  • ROAR Legal

ECX4000 – $159.99 – Torment 1/10 Short Course Truck 2.4 Red/Grey
ECX4100 – $159.99 – Torment 1/10 Short Course Truck 2.4 Black/Orange

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15 Responses to “ECX Torment Short Course Truck”

  1. Ken O says:

    Not bad at all for a truck with an MSRP of 159.00 ! If the tranny is durable this will really give the Slash a run for its money IMO .

  2. Ben Young says:

    looks like a Strike with new bumpers and a (hopefully) better drivetrain

  3. Ken O says:

    Agreed ! And thats the MSRP , should even be a tad cheaper once it hits the shelves . Might have to pick one up just so my grandson can have something to beat around on besides my rigs !

  4. Shaun says:

    Is this anywhere near based on the Losi Strike. I know who designed Electrix, and the Strike was a “bad” chassis. Does anyone know for sure? I can’t tell from these tiny pictures.

  5. Ultimaxx says:

    Talk about being affordable. Can not wait to see how these models handle with that low battery placement

  6. Gary Katzer says:

    For the guys comparing the Torment to the Strike the Torment is a completely different truck and doesn’t share any design or parts with the Strike. Completely different designs, designers, everything. The only similarities between the Strike and Torment is that both brands are exclusive Horizon Hobby brands and they have a high-CG design. In that regard the Torment has just as much in common with the Strike as the Slash.

    For the transmission durability it’s the same transmission and gearbox that’s been used in the Circuit Stadium Truck, Boost 2WD Buggy and the Ruckus Monster Truck. I’ve seen the ECX guys run some silly-fast motors in the other vehicles so you will be able to put a brushless system in if you want.

  7. Noah Dropkin says:

    thats some unreleased spektrum goodness if anyone noticed, there is currently no dx2e. so…..

  8. anaclemax says:

    j;ai un probléme ma voiture roulais et d’un seul coup s’est arrêtée problème de transmission,,,,,
    j’ai besoin d’aide

  9. Underserviced says:

    My first RC is the orange Torment. I love it. Love it so much I bought a second in red for my kids. 2 cars, 3 drivers, 3 batteries. These vehicles take a beating!

  10. Andrea says:

    I just got this truck yesterday the blk/orange one and love it! My only question is can this type of truck run in snow?? Thanks!

  11. Andrea says:

    Also, does this truck have weather-sealed electronics????

  12. Trevor "Chilly" Duncan says:

    You can run anything in the snow really, but realistically it would have to be a light dusting in order for this truck to plow through it. Checking the Horizon site it doesn’t appear this truck comes with waterproof electronics.

  13. brian says:

    They make a waterproof version you need to c which one you have.

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