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Be a Digital Racer

Be a Digital Racer

I really enjoy racing off-road vehicles of all types and never really run on-road. I guess I’d run more on-road if there was a track closer to my house. A while back I was introduced to Virtual RC and at first I wasn’t that into it because it was an on-road sim. The second I saw it in action and found out that I could use my actual radio to control my car I was hooked. I’ve been using it since then and I found that my off-road racing has improved thanks to the sim even though it’s on-road only. It teaches you what setup changes do to the vehicle, consistency, how to deal with slower/faster cars and how to calm down after crashing. I recently downloaded VRC-Pro which is the latest version and I am very impressed with it so far. Have any of you used a RC sim?

Updated: September 23, 2011 — 4:36 PM


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  1. I used to have the real race gen 2 sim, Nice sim but a little off on realism. would love to get the VRC but not into a subscription type deal i may not be into

  2. sure, check it out at http://www.vrcpro.com and http://www.vrcworld.com

    Yes it is subscription, you can do monthly or go for 3-6-12-24 months. The longer the cheaper. Can’t get any cheaper tracktime than with VRC Pro. It’s always ‘Race on’ …

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