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Sep 23, 2011 3 Comments by

I really enjoy racing off-road vehicles of all types and never really run on-road. I guess I’d run more on-road if there was a track closer to my house. A while back I was introduced to Virtual RC and at first I wasn’t that into it because it was an on-road sim. The second I saw it in action and found out that I could use my actual radio to control my car I was hooked. I’ve been using it since then and I found that my off-road racing has improved thanks to the sim even though it’s on-road only. It teaches you what setup changes do to the vehicle, consistency, how to deal with slower/faster cars and how to calm down after crashing. I recently downloaded VRC-Pro which is the latest version and I am very impressed with it so far. Have any of you used a RC sim?

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Simply put, I’m all about nitro. Well, almost. I’m down with electric for crawlers and some indoor racing, but if you really want to get my attention, it better make some smoke and noise. I’m a regular racer and I usually go with 1/8-scale buggy and truggy. When I’m not racing, I am usually fabricating custom parts and even entire vehicles.

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  1. crazyjr says:

    I used to have the real race gen 2 sim, Nice sim but a little off on realism. would love to get the VRC but not into a subscription type deal i may not be into

  2. john q says:

    can i buy it

  3. Pieter Bervoets says:

    sure, check it out at and

    Yes it is subscription, you can do monthly or go for 3-6-12-24 months. The longer the cheaper. Can’t get any cheaper tracktime than with VRC Pro. It’s always ‘Race on’ …

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