It’s been a busy weekend

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Once in a while during a holiday weekend it’s nice to spend the weekend at home, work on house projects, enjoy the company of family and friends, or build a work bench. Recently I was inspired by both TLR’s Mike Truhe and AE’s Ryan Cavalieri both had dialed work spaces in their homes for wrenching on all of their cars . For the longest time I haven’t really had a “work bench” per say but more of a temporary setup that really only suited the needs of building up or keeping my fleet in check between racing and articles.. Most times it was in the way and was strictly a short term deal.

Eventually I found myself not working on my cars except only when I was at the track, which interfered with my drive time. This weekend I was finally fed up with the idea of a temporary work bench and decided to give myself an $80 budget at the local hardware store. The $80 needed to include lumber, lighting, and building materials. Not to mention, I had to clear an area out of my garage that could house a wrenching area that wouldn’t interfere with anyone else’s space.

45 minutes at the hardware store and I was set. I found a nice sheet of plywood that was cut down to 7′ x 28″, black felt covering, diamond plate dual fluorescent light fixture, and the necessary lumber to build the base for this bench. After a few hours of planning, measuring, cutting, and drilling I had finalized the once dreamed upon idea into full blown reality . For once it’s nice to have a permeant work bench. The back left corner is my power area, on the wall you’ll find a sheet of peg board, and plenty of room underneath for most of my parts and supplies. My question for you is…. What do you think it’s missing? Any ideas on what I could add to this work space to help make it even better?


John Cary

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I've raced just about every type of RC car, traveled the world shooting RC races, but at the end of the day though, you'll most likely find me behind the wheel of a 1/8-scale nitro buggy at my local track. I'm a Southern California native, which on any given day allows me the opportunity to race on just about any surface or facility of my choosing. Before I was heavily into RC most of my attention was focused towards photography. Since, all of the experience that I've gained and learned has been projected towards RC photography. I'm fueled by the idea of creating something new every time I head to take pictures. Whether it's portraits, racing action, or a track panoramas.
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