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Traxxas LiPo Power Cell 6400 First Look

Traxxas LiPo Power Cell 6400 First Look

We were just talking about these new LiPo packs from Traxxas and wouldn’t you know it, one arrived today. Our first pack is a 3-cell 6400mAh soft sided pack (part no. 2857). Traxxas used a 3s2p configuration to reach 11.1V and 6400mAh capacity, so it is actually six cells in total. Three cells are wired together in series to achieve 11.1 volts and 3200mAh capacity. Those three cells are wired in parallel two an identical setup for a total of 6400mAh.

The continuous discharge is 160 amps or 25C. The maximum burst rate is 50C or 320 amps. Traxxas recommends a charge rate of 1C or 6.4 amps, but states the max charge rate is 2C or 12.8 amps. The pack comes pre-wired with a Traxxas High-Current Connector and the 12 gauge Maxx Cable wires exit out the center of one end of the pack. That means this pack will work perfect for vehicles such as the Stampede and Rustler. Overall, the quality seems good. We plan to use and abuse this pack and will report more as we find out how well it holds up to some hardcore use.

According to our scale, the pack weighs 17.9 oz. which means it is light but not a total featherweight. In comparison, a Traxxas 7-cell pack that is included with a Stampede 4X4 weighs in at 14.1 oz. and puts 8.4 volts and 3000mAh. So, the LiPo we’re testing weighs a bit more but offers substantially higher performance. It’s worth noting that this larger pack will require using Traxxas expansion kit for a proper and secure fit.













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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:30 PM


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    1. I do not have a confirmed price, but I believe this pack will cost between $100 and $110. A 2-cell LiPo would be much less, of course.

  1. Do they have any packs in the works for the Slash 4×4?

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