HPI Savage Flux Video–”The Movie!”

Aug 31, 2011 5 Comments by

Check out this awesome video created by an HPI fan–it’s edited to look like a movie, and he does quite a job showing off the Savage Flux’s performance capabilities.

If watching this video doesn’t make you want to go outside and bash with a monster truck, we suggest checking your pulse!

Click below & enjoy!

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5 Responses to “HPI Savage Flux Video–”The Movie!””

  1. Ultimaxx says:

    Cool! I like it when people produce videos like this. I also enjoy the stories that some people post in the forums, about their builds. Good job people!!

  2. bill mossor says:

    Makes me want a Flux .I know HPI makes some tough trucks but I wonder how many , if any parts they broke making this video .

  3. Giovanni says:

    I have known about this movie for almost 7 months now. And i watch it almost every 6 days because it is sooooo f******g good!

  4. Ultimaxx says:

    Yes Bill buy a Flux! I have one and it is so POWERFUL! Maybe one will come up on RCCA’s auction that you like to big on alot.

  5. Ultimaxx says:

    thats supposed to say bid not big oops

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