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Traxxas Motor Maintenance

Traxxas Motor Maintenance

Traxxas vehicles that include brushless systems such as VXL require very little maintenance to be performed on the motors as the cans are well sealed. If you have a Traxxas vehicle such as a Monster Jam replica, the Titan 12-turn 550 motor will require an occasional cleaning in order to run at peak performance. How often you need to clean it depends on the conditions in which you operate the vehicle.  The Titan uses a traditional brushed design and the brushes must maintain contact with the spinning commutator inside the motor in order for the motor to function properly. Dirt can impair this connection and even cause the motor to stop in its tracks. The best way to clean a motor is to use hobby-specific motor spray. Simply remove the motor and spray the motor down until the fluid running out of it is clear. Pay special attention to the end of the motor with the brushes. Attach a pinion gear to the shaft and spin the motor slowly while spraying down the brushes and commutator. Give each bushing a quick blast as well. It is highly recommended that you wear mechanic’s gloves while cleaning the motor to keep the stronger cleaner off of your skin. When the motor is dry, place a single drop of thick oil on each bushings. Bearings require light or thin oil, but bushings work best with a thick oil–just don’t use too much as it will just attract dirt.

Readers Choice 600x120
Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:32 PM

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