When You’re Not RC’ing, Go Ride!

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I’ve recently resumed another pastime of mine, riding bikes, as a healthy and fun alternative to racing RC cars.  The bike in question is a Redline road bike, and thanks to the city of Santa Clarita where I live, I have miles and miles of dedicated biking paths available to me.

I’m certainly not the only one who enjoys riding bikes in the RC community.  In fact my leisurely bike rides are nothing compared to several friends of mine who race all-out on the mountain biking scene.  One is AKA’s Mark Pavidis, multi-time National and World Champion.  He took up mountain biking a few years ago and has since become quite a force in the racing world (big surprise that Mark is an excellent bike racer?  I think not!).  Mark’s passion for mountain biking is obvious, as he regularly posts updates about his training and racing on his Facebook page.  As an added bonus, Mark looks like he’s in the shape of his life!  Great job Mark!

Another RC racing friend of mine has taken mountain biking to even higher levels, getting ranked on the National circuit.  I met Justin Mann and his wife Allison in the early 2000′s at the Dirt Nitro Challenge in Hemet.  After several years of competitive RC racing, Justin and Allison clipped in to their first mountain bikes in 2005, and have since completely transformed both themselves and their lives.  Justin’s blog (http://themannadventure.blogspot.com/) is a fun read, as he chronicles his and his wife’s adventures on and off the trails.  Hey Justin–BRAAP!

Yet another friend of mine into mountain biking is Eric Schutt, a current RCCA contributor.  Not only does Eric ride, he works full time in the biking industry, first at SRAM and now at an indoor mountain biking park in Wisconsin.

Were you aware that so many RC guys were also into mountain biking?  Maybe reading his blog can motivate you to find an active and exciting hobby outside of RC.  Like all things in life, our hobbies help balance the stress.  Whether it’s RC’ing or mountain biking or both, we can all enjoy multiple hobbies if we simply give them a try.

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  1. Eric Schutt says:

    Stephen, you’re looking pretty good in that MTB photo! Getting RAD!

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