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Is there anything more fun than running an RC car during a rainy day without worrying about electrical problems?  With waterproof Traxxas vehicles like the Slash, a rainy day will never stop you from getting your RC fix.  But what should you do after you’ve finished running in wet conditions?  Just toss the truck into your garage? Nope!

Two easy steps can help prolong your vehicle’s lifespan by reducing or eliminating rust on metal parts and bearings after a rainy or wet day’s run.

Step 1: Wipe the truck down thoroughly with a towel, or better yet, blast the truck with compressed air.  The objective is to wipe or blast away as much standing water as possible.  If you have compressed air, give some extra attention to the hinge pins, bearings and steering areas.  Get it dry.

Step 2.  Spray the truck with WD-40, again paying close attention to the hingepins and bearings. Use the tube attachment to spray WD40 directly into these areas.  You don’t need to flood the truck, but you do want the WD40 to do its job (WD stands for “water displacement” after all!).

Step 3.  Wipe the truck down with a towel (or blast it with compressed air) one last time to remove any excess WD40. Your vehicle is now ready for its next run!

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One Response to “Traxxas After Run Maintenance – Waterproof Vehicles”

  1. Christopher Oswald says:

    This is a great procedure, also very recommended for us winter drivers. Snow is packed, but like you mentioned, keep those metal parts lubricated and clean of water and that road salt some of our areas use. That stuff is nasty when it drys.

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