The 2.4 Hours Deux Enduro @ SDRC Raceway!

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There are times you get to participate in unique events that are different from the normal  race day. SDRC Raceway ( in San Diego recently held one of these unique events dubbed “The 2.4 Hours Deux Enduro”. The 2.4 hour enduro consisted of having a minimum of three people on your team (with each person driving 45 minutes), a team name, and putting your RC vehicle thruogh 2.4 hours of endurance. The classes ran broke up into 1/10th scale 2wd buggy, 2wd SC, and 4wd SC. Each team had to make strategical choices when it came to battery changes, or swapping out tires if they began to lose traction over the long period of time. If you broke, you had to pull your car out of the battery change area and take it to your pits to fix. It usually didn’t take long to fix a broken vehicle as you would see the team work set in and have 3-4 people working on your rig. I participated in the 1/10th scale 2wd buggy class and it was a blast! During normal racing, its a challenge to hold your concentration for 6 minutes of racing, but to hold it for 45 minutes is definitely a true test of endurance! In the end, my team had a few broke parts that dropped us down to 5th place in the final standings. Overall, our team had a decent finish and would have liked to finish on the podium, but that was definitely overshadowed by all the good times that day! Kudos to SDRC Raceway for keeping things fresh for their racers with much more special events in store in the very near future…so make sure to stay tuned!

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