Electric Helicopters: Your Guide to Getting Started

Aug 18, 2011 2 Comments by

It’s pretty much a universally accepted fact that RC car guys love RC helicopters. If you want to get in on the action, you should check out this article on getting started with electric helicopters. It has the scoop on what you need to know to get airborne without a lot of fuss. Even better, it will help you keep that awesome heli in the air and not in a bunch of little pieces.

Check it out HERE!

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2 Responses to “Electric Helicopters: Your Guide to Getting Started”

  1. Addam says:

    I need help that’s for sure. I bought a fixed pitch one from Walkera. It has a great radio and looks awesome. I had it in the air for about 30 second and trashed the rotor blades!! I have know idea what in the world I’m doing and don’t know anyone that flies. It has been sitting around for months waiting for me to crash it again!

  2. FreeJack says:

    I just got started with an ESky Lama V4 and it’s been fun. Not very maneuverable but I don’t know that as a beginner, I could have really handled the more nimble helicopters. My next step will be a Blade MCP-X that I can work on my maneuvering with, indoors. Then I’ll move up to outdoor flight. I agree though…helicopters are addictive.

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