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So I promised an update on the Tekin 4-pole motor that I blogged & video-blogged about last week.  The amount of traffic this new Tekin motor generated on our site was impressive, by the way.  It surprised even me, and I knew this motor would be hot.

I installed the 4600kV Tekin motor in my Losi SCTE 4×4 short course truck and raced it this past Saturday and again last night (Tuesday) at Hot Rod Hobbies.  While I don’t want to post my entire review here–this is a blog after all, not an area for full-blown product reviews–I will offer up a few quotes overheard at the track when I ran this motor.  These are remarks from fellow racers who took interest in this new motor, and their impressions were:

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Holy $Y&*!!!!”

“Ok, I’m getting one of those the instant they’re available.”

“You shouldn’t be racing against everyone else, it’s like you’re cheating.”


As I’m sure you can tell from the comments above, the Tekin Pro4 SC 4-pole motor is mighty impressive.  The speed, and more notably the torque, allows me to do things with my truck I didn’t think I could do.  Stay tuned for a full review where I get in to more detail.  In the meantime, I can certainly say that this motor is very impressive.

For comparison purposes, I’m posting a photo I took of the 4-pole motor next to Tekin’s 5.5 550-size motor as the main image.


Stephen Bess, Tekin

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  1. Gabe says:

    I understand this is a 540 size motor…. in your opinion, how does the Tekin Pro 4 compare to the 2 Pole Tekin/Novak 550 motors in terms of torque, dissipation, and power?

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