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I keep hearing about bucket lists and there was even a movie on the subject that I have yet to see. I get the concept. Bucket lists are fun and worthwhile for sure. I made and lost my own bucket list when I was in college. Mine had some of the staples I hear all the time such as skydive or something or other. How about an RC specific bucket list? What would make the list? Here are some of my suggestions; let’s see what you can come up with.

> Get sponsored on any level–full ride, 50%’er, hobby shop

> Run in a national level competition

> Drive an RC car across water

> Do a loop with an RC airplane

> Jump an RC over a building or full-size or from building to building

> Go over 100mph

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About Matt:I think it’s safe to say I’ve done a little bit of everything in RC. That said, I predominately race off-road and my current passion is short course. One of my all-time favorite classes is oval carpet racing. Besides racing, I can often be found working on one of my many never-complete projects, and it seems I have an ever growing collection of rock crawlers—specifically scale crawlers. Matt’s 5 Hot Topics: Short course, Racing, Scale Builds, Crawling and the General RC Hobby

14 Responses to “The RC Bucket List”

  1. tosun bayrak says:

    break someones ankle with an 8th scale

  2. Fishhook says:

    Build my own RC (not from a kit) from scratch

    • Matthew Higgins says:

      That’s a pretty cool one. You might have to have a short RC bucket list in order to have time for that one

  3. Ryan says:

    Build your “dream” rig with the nothing but the best!

  4. Justin Young says:

    my rc bucket list
    own lots of nice clods/Jugs
    jump a slash over quicksand
    get an rc race on tv

  5. bill mossor says:

    build a R.C. that looks like our full size rigs . 79 cj5 & 79 f-250

  6. James Mikoliczyk says:

    > Race in or attend an IFMAR Worlds

    > Race all the major race events in a year for the type of racing you do.

    > Write an article for a RC Mag

    > Tour a RC Factory (doesn’t happen too often, but would be fun to do)

    > Help start a track and/or shop

    > Get more people in the hobby/racing

  7. James Mikoliczyk says:

    Will do Matt,

    Have an idea already, just need to get things all lined up.

  8. chadric says:

    To make my HSP xstr beat a DURANGO 410,it’s already BRUSHLESS!!!!!(now i am working on my driving skill)

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