DuraTrax Onyx 25C LiPo Packs

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There’s no better time to move up to LiPo performance and run time, now that Onyx has introduced true-rated LiPo batteries at affordable prices. Onyx LiPo 25C packs offer quality, dependability and long-lasting power. Drivers can trust the stated capacity of an Onyx LiPo pack to deliver the performance promised, charge after charge.

  • Ideal for upgrading an RTR vehicle or for competing in racing events
  • Available in capacities, configurations and discharges to meet a wide range of applications
  • All include built-in discharge lead and balance connector
  • Choose soft case packs for slightly less weight or packs with impact- and puncture-resistant hard ABS cases

DTXC1864 LiPo 25C 7.4V 5000mAh Hard Cs Deans® $44.99
DTXC1865 LiPo 25C 7.4V 5000 mAh Hard Traxxas® $47.99
DTXC1866 LiPo 25C 11.1V 5000mAh Soft Traxxas® $54.99
DTXC1870 LiPo 25C 7.4V 5700mAh Soft Traxxas® $49.99

The DuraTrax 25C LiPo Batteries in Hard and Soft versions will be available mid-July.

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One Response to “DuraTrax Onyx 25C LiPo Packs”

  1. Christopher Oswald says:

    Im sure glad while batteries have been getting better, it’s nice to see them get more affordable. I know when guys would shed out big bucks, like over $100.00 bucks for as little as a matched 4000mah NIMH racing pack. The Lipo world has dominated and served up some nice price breaks. I know there are really cheap lipo’s out there, but you do get what you pay for. It’s nice to see at a large supplier point of view that these type of packs can cater to all. A nice $50.00 for a decent lipo pack isn’t something you can complain about.

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