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At RC Car Action we get to do a good number of model shoots. When you add in the shoots for our other publications and we get to see a whole lot of models. Well, why should we have all the fun? Check out this galley of some hot models and the included behind-the-scenes video too.



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Featured News, Matthew Higgins

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About Matt:I think it’s safe to say I’ve done a little bit of everything in RC. That said, I predominately race off-road and my current passion is short course. One of my all-time favorite classes is oval carpet racing. Besides racing, I can often be found working on one of my many never-complete projects, and it seems I have an ever growing collection of rock crawlers—specifically scale crawlers. Matt’s 5 Hot Topics: Short course, Racing, Scale Builds, Crawling and the General RC Hobby

43 Responses to “Models, Models & More Models–Photos & Video”

  1. Larry Levy says:

    Always nice to see…..

  2. peter wilhelm says:

    nice models, both rc and female. everyone love eye candy.

  3. Craig Treptow says:

    I thought there was supposed to be pictures of RC stuff here? Did I miss them? ;)

  4. Josh Howell says:

    Looking good!!

  5. Tommy Scott says:

    Now there are the turn marshals we need a the track…
    NICE Models to.

  6. Sy Bruch says:

    It would be like RC car Baywatch seeing the girls run to flip my car over.

  7. Jason Burks says:

    Nice vid and model shots…..where were the RC Cars….just kidding. Nice to see RC developing into more of a larger sport and a great way for getting more attention.

  8. Fishhook says:

    Nice!! Pictures of the two greatest creations in the world: RC Cars/Trucks and RC Planes/Heli’s.

  9. Jim Ellison says:

    Nice models and Really nice models, I’ll take one of everything,

  10. Andrew says:

    Count me in for the contest!

  11. Dennis R. says:

    Nice to see there wasn’t much ‘touching up’ with the models. Great way to take a different approach! Nice work!

  12. Jeremy Whitmire says:

    RC Car Action is what got me started in this hobby 14 years ago, thank you for every issue I have purchased or received in the mail.

  13. Bill Kersey says:

    Ahh the 21st century…, Semi attractive girls with incredibly “perfect” bodies…..!
    Have you hugged your plastic surgeon today….!

  14. A. Lynk says:

    buy a featured rc and get a free swimsuit model while supplies last!

  15. Chris J says:

    Well there’s a way to get people into this hobby!

  16. Troy says:

    Now if she would’ve came with my 5B SS, it would have been worth the steep price tag. Beautiful women.

  17. mooveymon says:

    Whenever im looking at the magazine my friend takes it and looks at the models, It was an awkward day in class when he was complaining about the model on the cover of the SC racing 2011 issue and the instuctor came over and the whole class was looking at us.

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Eric Jones says:

    I have always liked RC. Beautiful girls are always nice to see. Just keep them tasteful other wise the wife may change my hobby.

  20. Kenny McCormick says:

    Gotta say Iv’e seen worse models, but they look so bland. I mean, really, an Extra 300? Or is that a Yak? Could be a Cap too, who the hell knows, they all look the same.

    Oh, and the girls are okay too I guess. Wasn’t paying them much attention.

    Send me something nitro, perferrably with a pull start, if I win. I don’t have the equipment on hand to deal with electrics.

  21. Jason Earley says:

    Nice variety in the R/C models. Gotta love the HPI Baja 5b and the Venom Creeper though. Gotta love your guys’ job.

  22. Anonymous says:

    where are they when we actually run the cars?

  23. Gerald says:

    Nice all around photo’s. Models and R/C.

  24. legal eagle says:

    Nothing wrong with a little skin in our hobby!

  25. Bryan says:


  26. Deadsquirrle says:


  27. dmain says:

    no rc girls around here:(

  28. Clint Wood says:

    Looking good! keep up the good work guys…

  29. phil says:

    1 blonde and 1 airplane to go.. please send in box with food and water .. so as not to get to thin lol .. bones are like driving frames .. not look good lol ..

  30. eric says:

    lookin good

  31. Will says:

    Nice shoot.

  32. Pablo Acosta says:

    I want one of those :)

  33. Rob says:

    yup!!! that’s my pit crew you are looking at!!!!

  34. Ryan Kinser says:

    Im just getting into the hobby but it looks like fun to me!

  35. Derrick says:

    cant go wrong with this idea

  36. John Cook says:

    Great Shots , should talk them into being trophy girls at a big race.

  37. skiier862 says:


  38. Ladislav says:

    Like rc models and pretty girls together :)

  39. Angel says:


  40. Jake Arrance says:

    Hot girls and R/C vehicles… can’t think of anything better!

  41. MT says:

    I just ordered myself an Apache 24, the same as the smaller boat with the red and white.
    Lots of good stuff here.

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