Will there ever be a short course Worlds?

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With the IFMAR 1/10-scale Electric off-road worlds taking place last weekend, I started thinking. It seems like the few IFMAR world championships that we have are limited to a handful of classes. I assume that the classes that have IFMAR World Championship are the best of the best classes and therefore the most popular ones. So, when are we going to see an IFMAR Short Course World Championship? The short course racing class keeps growing and growing and we are even seeing short course specific races being held in other countries. Or does it even matter? Are we just happy with a Short Course National?

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  1. Nope says:

    What is the Short Course “National” in the U.S. anyway? The ROAR Nationals? One of the three dozen other SC races with “National” in the title? Does anyone care other than sponsored drivers and wannabes who want to say they won a “National”?

    As far as IMFAR goes, I think they’re trying to limit it to the “F1″ classes of RC. The all-out fastest ones. I’ve seen a grand total of 2, 4wd buggy class races in the last ten years so that’s not in there because it is popular but it certainly is fast and definitely not for everyone.

  2. James Mikoliczyk says:

    Good question,

    I highly doubt there will be, but won’t rule out the possibilty. The main road block would be IFMAR. They don’t seem to like Truck classes. They always favor the car/buggy classes. It could be because Truck classes are not as popular in the rest of the world as they are here and a few other places. Though the SC class is gaining support in more places in the world.

    If IFMAR was going to have a Truck class Worlds title done, it probably would have come at the peak if the 1/10th ST class and 1/8th Truggy class. Neither of which IFMAR touched. So if that is an idicator, then it may not happen. Then again it very well could. It would be nice to see the truck classes, any class for that matter, get some respect from IFMAR.

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