Hitec High Voltage And Torque Waterproof Servos

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Hitec is proud to announce the arrival of our waterproof servos, the HS-646WP and HS-5646WP.

Hitec states that its new waterproof servos have what it takes to keep your radio control vehicle, airplane or robot watertight! With high torque, dual ball bearings and metal gears, both our analog and digital waterproof servos have the industry’s first IP67* rating ranking them among the most durable and reliable servos for wet conditions. Whether you are manning your power boat, bashing in the mud, directing your underwater robot, or water landing your 25% plane, the HS-646WP and HS-5646WP will dependably keep your mind at ease. Exceed Your Expectations with Hitec!


  • Metal Gear with MP First Gear
  • Dual Ball Bearings
  • 3-Pole Cored Ferrite Motor
  • Industry’s First IP67-Rated Waterproof Case*

IP=International Protection Code;
6=Dust Tight; 7=Immersion up to 1M
2-Cell LiPo Capability

  • Programmable Circuit

HS-646WP – Stock # 32646W
Estimated Street Price: $47.29

HS-5646WP – Stock # 35646W
Estimated Street Price: $60.49

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4 Responses to “Hitec High Voltage And Torque Waterproof Servos”

  1. Hitec High Voltage And Torque Waterproof Servos | Down to Earth RC says:

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  2. bill mossor says:

    Hitec thank you for waterproofing .

  3. Ron Laisle says:

    I’m sure it’s just loads of fun pretending your SC truck is a submarine but seriously,wanna play in the water?Buy a boat. How many of you out there have even ONCE,after getting your whole truck soaking wet, have actually pulled it down and actually cleaned and re-lubed the bearings? Yeah,that’s what I thought. None. Then you cry and whine like a little girl because you can’t figure out why it is so mysteriously slow. If you don’t maintain it,you can’t race it.

  4. bill mossor says:

    I don’t know anybody that treats their R.C. cars like submarines but I do know there are a lot of people like us who play in the mud , water ,& snow with their full size toy’s so it’s only natural we would want to take our R.C. cars in the mud , water ,& snow . Most people I know are adults & work hard for their money so when they spend hundreds or even thousands on a toy they tend to take good care of it & take the extre time it takes to do the extra maintenance that is required for running in mud , water ,& snow . You probably don’t need to waterproof your race car but you should not bash with it either , on the other hand if your basher is waterproof you will have a lot more opportunities to have a lot more fun .

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