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Traxxas Short Course Racing Game App

Traxxas Short Course Racing Game App

Traxxas has a new app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch called Traxxas Short Course Shootout. You can get this game at the App Store now.

From Traxxas:
Experience the thrill of short course racing with TRAXXAS Short Course Shootout! Select one of four tracks and race a Super Buggy, Pro Light, Pro 2WD or Pro 4WD. Or go head-to-head with other players in Match-Up Mode.

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:34 PM


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  1. Was looking forward to this BUT it’s not there…

  2. Ya i had the same problem.

  3. I don’t see it either

  4. looks cool, gonna check it out

  5. Downloaded game which sucked- save your .99

    1. I’m shocked. I loved the game. What didn’t you like?

  6. Android app would be killer!

  7. Hopefully hey’ll have an Android app soon…please.

  8. I would like to get it for my Android (HTC Legend) phone.

  9. Would love one for the Android platform please….

  10. Make it for Android pleaseee!!

  11. Yes make it for android please not everyone has an iphone besides i like my droid apple is good too

  12. Apple has always found a way to throw mud in your face when you do not include them in the piece of the pie. I developed an app that many use today, but to port it over to I-Everything is just to expensive and the consumer pays. So what is Traxxas going to do now that Apple changed the plug to finally meet the standards set years ago. Sorry Traxxas, I am a big fan of your product, and I own about 475 products. not all Traxxas but a fair amount, your 4×4 Ultimate at the time Rocked, and still does. I am quite sure I was in the top 500 purchases of it, but I am thinking about the platinum version. It came in to Hobby town and I had it pre ordered. I have too many to list to go off topic, what are you going to do about the apple I-crapp and the millions sold a TQI Radio. My I pad broke so I am s.o.o.l. And do yourself a favor, gen on the android side of things, you will LOVE it, Apple did it!

    1. Lynn, I’m sure there we’ll see a Lightening version of the Docking Base when they become more prevalent in the market. The Traxxas Link app is awesome. I actually use a TQi and the app for most of my bashing vehicles and have even set up optional telemetry components in many of my non-Traxxas rides to get more out of them. In the meantime, the fix is as simple as an $8 plug adapter. It moves the phone over about an inch on the base but it still clamps in well. Hope that helps!

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