IFMAR 1/10- Scale Electric Off-Road Worlds, Day 2

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Day two is off and running here in Vassa Finland. The day is starting off with one round of controlled practice followed by four rounds of qualifiers. Yesterdays practice was merely just a simple shack down to help get the drivers comfortable with setup, track conditions, and judging the global competition. Today however, is is really the first day of business for all drivers. Each qualifier has a significant value which ultimately means the difference between Victory or Defeat. So far eyes are currently on:

Kyosho’s Jared Tebo

 Team Associated/Yokomo Naoto Makusura

Team Associated’s Ryan Cavalieri




First round of 2wd buggy are now in the books and so far, top five drivers, it’s a USA stepping in and showing who the authority figure is in the room with four out of the five spots. Current top five drivers are Jared Tebo (12/5.04.863), Ryan Cavalieri (12/5.06.123), Ryan Maifield (12/5.06.381), Dakota Phend (12/5.06.972), and Lee Martin (12/5.08.316).


Jared Tebo

Jared Tebo

Ryan Cavalieri

Ryan Cavalieri


Ryan Maifield

Ryan Maifield

Dakota Phend


Lee Martin

Q2 Top 10 Drivers


Current Pole Position of the Top Ten Drivers.

The big talk of the day is Yokomo/Team Associated’s Naoto Matsukura threw down a blistering 13lap run(13/5:24.596). Several drivers such as Tebo, Cavalieri, and Maifield have come close to the infamous 13 lap pace but always seem to come up with a slight bobble at some point in their run. Even though the track looks some easy, in all reality is really isn’t. The subtle variations in the track are just enough to upset even the greatest drivers in the world.





Featured News, Kyosho, Team Associated

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