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Traxxas Goes LiPo

Traxxas Goes LiPo

While no official press release has been issued, we have the scoop on Traxxas’ upcoming lineup of LiPo packs. More info will come with the official release, but we can tell you that these packs are engineered by Traxxas and come wired with Traxxas’ proprietary high current connectors. 2- and 3-cell packs in a variety of capacities will be offered. Traxxas will also offer packs for all of its electric models including the 1/16-scale vehicles. It also looks like Traxxas will have a compact LiPo compatible charger and a LiPo sack.































Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:38 PM


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  1. Cool Beans, Thank’s Matt. :>

  2. Its seriously about time!. Traxxas has a major fit if you use their site to advertise or offer to sell/buy off brand Lipos and chargers for use with your Traxxas vehicles. Yet if you wanted to run a pre-owned Lipo on one of their many Lipo compatible models, you had to go shopping at another R/C for-sale site rather than support other fellow Traxxas owners. Every single Traxxas owner running Lipos was forced to purchase another brand’s Lipo and charger yet could not sell them off to other Traxxas owners. While that still irritates me to my core (maybe not that much, lol), I’m glad to see that they may finally support the vehicles they sell with the power supplies they were intended to be run on.

    1. They are not hard cased packs

  3. About freaking time Traxxas moved up to LiPos.

  4. And 25C? Really? Sad.

  5. If there around the same price point as venom, they might do well…but I bet we will see them a little higher.

  6. Wires out the front of the pack = sliced wires when little Jimmy smashes the pack down into the chassis of his Rustler.

    1. No joke. Especially when he tries to stuff the center mounted battery leads into his Summit/E-Revo.

  7. “Lets not put a LVC on our EVX2” followed by “Lets make lipos!” wow how smart.

  8. I remember 25C packs 5 years ago lol stick to vehicles Traxxas at least you do those right…

  9. At 4000-5000 mAh 25c is fine. I dont really buy into the whole 50c thing. I buy 25c 5000’s and 30c 4000’s. Never any issues with the punch or speed. I think the 50+ c is a way to squeez more cash from us. Just my 2 cents

  10. waterproof? and know in traxxas the price will be through the roof

  11. Waterproof batteries are a touchy subject when it comes to allowing heat to escape, expansion, etc. That’s one point. Secondly, 25C is plenty for every Traxxas vehicle they sell. Even the Revo with the Castle Monster does well with 25c. Thirdly, the EVX2 came out with the assumption you would be running NiMh batteries as most brushed vehicles have done in the past. It was main stream before Lipos made it big. A new release EVX3 might be in order with an LVC as well as an XL5 with LVC would also be popular. Traxxas can’t do it all in one day.

  12. I’m impressed by the high mAh for a 3S batt and also by it’s size. Hope it fits my E-Revo and I trully hope that Traxxas has a 2S 9000mAh+ bat – to race my E-Revo

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