2011 Short Course Showdown: Short Course Goes Back To Its Roots

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This weekend’s event features a Spec 2WD Slash class sponsored by Traxxas. In this class each driver must use a 2WD Slash and run the stock XL-5 ESC, Titan 12t 550 motor, tires and wheels. You can run any SC body, change out your servo and receiver, adjust your gearing, and only Traxxas aftermarket parts are allowed.

It’s cool to have this class at the race since without the Slash we wouldn’t be here to begin with since the Slash started this class a few years back.  I’m competing in this class myself this weekend and having a blast. Even though everyone wants to win when they race, I’m finding the Spec Slash racers are more laid back and just trying to have fun with is a nice change of pace.

Traxxas flew in some of their crew ahead of time to race this weekend, help racers with their Traxxas vehicles, and answer any product questions.  I had a bit of bad luck in my 3rd qualifier today and blew off a front shock cap.  Luckily the Traxxas crew was on the scene and I had my Slash up and running in no time.

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